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Fo Guang Shan Melbourne
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(I.B.C.V.) was established in Yarraville (one of the western suburb in Melbourne) of Victoria, Australia in 1992 as a branch temple of Fo Guang Shan (literally meaning the Buddha's Light Mountain, is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan, an internationally recognised Buddhist Holy Land, and has over 100 branch temples around the world , and over 180 associated centers, chapters, and colleges.)

Buddha hall Guang Yin hall Meditation hall Buddha

The college consists of the traditional Chinese main gate, and the Buddha hall which can comfortably accommodate 300 people, the statues of the Buddha and the thousands niches of smaller images reviving the majestic features of the Tunhuang architecture of ancient China.

The other major facilities include a meditation hall, an auditorium, a Dharma hall, a Buddhist Cultural Museum, lodgings for students and pilgrims from around the world, dining hall and dormitories for resident monks and nuns.

In order to meet the needs of multiple functions, the college also has a spacious international conference room, multi-purpose meeting rooms and offices, a library with books from multi culture and different countries.

The college is multifunctional with multi-lingual (English, Chinese, Vietnamese) services. It is not only as a site for Buddhist activities, but also open to the public for a variety of social and educational functions conducive to the spiritual, social, and physical well-being of Buddhists and Non-Buddhists alike.

Buddhist Wedding Ven.Yi Lai Special event students from Chinese School

There are classrooms for Budhism study, Meditation classes, Chinese language, English language, Vegetarian cooking, Chinese crafts, Chinese Painting & Calligraphic, Flower arrangement, Folk dancing, FoGuang chorus and other special needs. Also the FoGuang Chinese School is providing classes for Children learning Chinese and wisdom.

Venerable Yi Lai is the current Abbess, She also the head of Fo Guang Shan - Oceania, the Abbess of Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong, NSW and Ching Tian Temple in Queensland and administers two temples locaed in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Based on the four main objectives of Fo Guang Shan, they are, to foster talent through education, to propagate the Dharma through cultural activities; to benefit society through social, charitable programs; and to purify people minds through pilgrimages and Buddhist practices, the I.B.C.V will endeavor to achieve a exchange of Eastern and Western ideologies.

I.B.C.V. Also has a branch "Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery" in Melbourne city, and "Fo Guang Yuan Buddhist Centre" located in eastern suburb Box Hill. The I.B.C.V. as a cultural, educational and religious centre is devoted to propagating Humanitic Buddhism and the creation of the Pure Land in the Southern Hemisphere.

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